Probate Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Before their passing, it’s likely that your loved one would have completed an estate plan, detailing the valuation of their assets, how they should be distributed, and to whom they should be distributed to. It’s essentially an outline of their legacy and how they intend for it to live on through friends and family. Likely one of their most important and fervent wishes, ensuring their estate plan is executed as intended, is one of the best ways to honor your lost loved one—and Family Law New Mexico is here to help.

Praised as one of New Mexico’s best probate law firms, Family Law New Mexico is dedicated to helping both the deceased and their families, fighting to make sure their wishes are honored and loved ones are rightly compensated.
From tangible assets, such as real estate and personal belongings, to intangible assets, such as finances and investments, our team of probate attorneys ensures ownership of these items are distributed as specified.

Family Law New Mexico is proud to help New Mexican families and prides itself on compassionate, committed service. We understand that this is a difficult time and do all we can to ensure a smooth, successful process. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, reach out to us today and discover how we can help with probate law.

Trusts & Estate Planning Attorney

Over a lifetime, it’s likely that you’ve acquired a lot of assets; all of which you’ve worked hard to earn and preserve. It’s important to consider how and to whom you’d like these assets to be distributed after your passing, from big items, like real estate and cars, to smaller items, like your collectibles and belongings. Outlining one’s wishes, trusts and estate plans are intended to help an individual make their wishes known, and beyond that, allow them to state how they wish for their legacy to continue after they’ve passed. It includes important details about both physical and economic assets, and helps families navigate distributing these assets after their loved one has passed.

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