Child Support

Child Support Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico

One of the biggest concerns of couples going through a divorce or legal separation is child support. When it comes to this matter, it is the court that will establish how much a parent has to pay, when the payments have to be made, and who will receive the payment. All these will be included in a court order processed after the divorce proceedings. The parent who does not have the kids the majority of the time is often required to provide child support.

If you want guidance on how to file for child support from your ex-spouse, talk to us. Our top-notch child support attorney in Albuquerque NM will make sure that you’ll get fair compensation for your children. Consult with us here at Family Law New Mexico and we’ll review with you all the child support guidelines that are relevant to your case.

The request for child support starts with your petition or motion for child support with the Court. In a majority of cases, a child support order will be established during your divorce proceeding. The judge will calculate the appropriate amount by considering the gross income of both parents and applying the New Mexico Child Support Guidelines.

Family Law New Mexico will make sure that your child gets ample support until he or she finishes high school. Child support may also continue indefinitely for children who cannot support themselves due to any mental or physical disability. We will inform you of your legal options and help you build a solid case.

Child Support Legal Proceedings

For the judge to accurately determine the amount of money that a child should receive as support, both parents are required to fill out a worksheet that reflects the amount of money that they earn before taxes. They should also declare any medical or dental insurance premiums paid for the children and other work-related day-care costs.

The number of children supported and the amount of time each parent spends with every child is taken into consideration as well. All relevant financial documents, receipts, and pay stubs have to be presented to a court. An experienced child support attorney in Albuquerque NM will give you advice on the other things that you may have to bring to court.

Do note though, that child visitation and child support are two different issues and they are not dependent on each other. In the event that the ex-spouse fails to pay child support, the court may order other means to obtain the money. The court could seize money in the bank account, tax refunds, or wages. The court may also file a lien on a property to cover the child support arrearages.

If you are having problems collecting child support from your ex-spouse, we can take the case to the judge. We’ll start by charging the other party with contempt. We’ll also continue to follow up the case with the court so you can get the money that’s allotted to the children.

Hire an experienced family attorney in Albuquerque, NM to get sound legal advice and immediate assistance for your child support issues. Family Law New Mexico can provide you with a competent child support attorney in Albuquerque NM who can assist you. Trust us to meditate for you or represent you in court.

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