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A Family Law Firm Representing New Mexico Families

Family Law New Mexico is a family law firm in Albuquerque, NM that will help you through all sorts of family disputes and legal troubles. We have experience in all areas of family law and our competent family law attorney is always available for a consultation. Talk to us and allow us to assist you in resolving the issues that loom over your family. Our full line of services is listed below.

Divorce Services

Divorce can be achieved with or without the assistance of the court. Family Law New Mexico has an experienced divorce lawyer in Albuquerque, NM who can help you achieve amicable divorce settlements.
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Uncontested Divorce

Divorce doesn’t always have to be a blame game. The New Mexico divorce law allows the parties to agree on terms ever appearing before a Judge.
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Domestic Violence

If you’re in an abusive relationship, Family Law New Mexico can fight for your rights. We help spouses who are going through any type of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
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Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a reasonable amount of money paid to a spouse as financial support following a divorce. Family Law New Mexico has one of New Mexico’s experienced alimony attorneys who can help you.
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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements, or simply a prenup, are agreements entered into by couples prior to getting married. It gives them a security blanket in the event of a divorce.
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Paternity pertains to the state of being the father of a child or children. Requesting for a paternity test is a rather common task for family law attorneys, especially if it is a contested issue in court.
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Child Support

Child support is a very sensitive issue that only a compassionate child support attorney in Albuquerque, NM should handle. We can provide you with the legal advice that’s best for all.
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Child Custody

In cases of divorce, determining who between the parents get physical custody of the kids is yet another delicate issue that has to be discussed. Our child custody lawyer will present your merits to the court so you’ll get custody that is in the best interests of your children.
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Child Relocation

Child relocation is a rather common issue among divorced parents. With the court always looking after the best interests of the child, proving to the court that relocating your child allows you to provide better care and support can be a big challenge.
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Albuquerque's Family Law Attorney

When you are looking for a family law firm to represent you and your needs, call Family Law New Mexico. We will go above and beyond to guide you through the difficult divorce process to insure you are properly heard and represented. Family law issues are difficult and emotionally draining. Let us help you through what may be the most difficult time of your life. A knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorney will help alleviate the burden of this process.

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