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Paternity pertains to the state of being the father of a child or children. Science can greatly help in determining who the real parents of a child are, using technologies such as DNA and SWAB testing. Requesting for a paternity test is a rather common task for family law attorneys, especially if it is a contested issue in court. Establishing the identity of the father is required to uphold a child support or custody case.

Aside from child custody and support, there are many other reasons why paternity is sought by the child, mother, or the father himself. Some common reasons are for identity purposes, to know the health history of the child, and to be covered by insurance, social security, benefits, or inheritance. If you need help in establishing the paternity of your child, Family Law New Mexico can help.

Paternity can be established either through a court proceeding or through voluntary acknowledgment. In the same way, it can also be challenged or revoked with the intervention of the court. Hiring a competent family attorney in Albuquerque, NM will assure you that you and your child’s interests are well represented in the family law court.

Paternity proceedings are not simple matters to deal with, especially if it entails issues like custody and support. It is important to work with a lawyer with long years of practice in family law in Albuquerque, NM. The result of the proceeding could define the future of the children.

Filing a Petition to Establish Paternity

The most common reason why a mother files a petition to establish paternity is to ensure that her child receives the financial support needed to live normally. However, the father may contest the said petition if he believes that the child is not his. For disputes like this, a DNA test is required.

Once the paternity is established, child support will be ordered, and it will be enforced whether or not child custody is also being contested. Back support may be ordered as well, which could go from the day the child is born. Birthing expenses should also be repaid by the father either in part or in whole.

On the other hand, a father may file a paternity petition himself. This happens if he is denied contact with the child. If he has successfully proven that the child is his, the mother will have no choice but to comply with the child visitation order of the court if it is granted.

Because of the complex and sometimes daunting paternity laws enforced in New Mexico, parents are strongly discouraged against self-representation. The services of an experienced family law firm in Albuquerque NM would help you achieve the results that you want in the fastest manner and least uncertainty on your part. Allow us take care of these legal matters so your child can continue to live normally like he or she deserves.

Family Law New Mexico has experience in family law in Albuquerque, NM. We have experience handling paternity cases. We can greatly help you with your case, no matter what stage in the proceedings you may be. Consult with us and let us know how we can be of service to you.

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